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With over 200 years of combined experience in railroading, engineering, finance, traffic and car construction among its key executives, and 100's of the newest cars in existence, the Kasgro team can offer its clients service that is unparalleled in the dimensional shipping industry.

Kasgro is dedicated first and foremost to customer service. Our staff is noted for going above and beyond for shippers and railroad customers, and we have four Bill Walker Memorial Award winners to prove it. Kasgro not only provides one of the most modern fleet of heavy-duty flat cars in the world, we expect to exceed expectations by providing world-class service.

Kasgro strives to supply shippers with a multitude of rail car options. From our twelve-axle, 340-ton, 32-foot FD's, to our eight-axle, 230-ton, seventy-foot FM's, to our 450-ton sixteen axle FD's, our fully functional cabooses, and many other car types in-between, Kasgro has a rail car to facilitate most any shipper's high/wide/heavy need.

Please take a few minutes to browse our website. Don't forget to check out the Equipment List section to view PDF sketches of railcar fleet. Also, we would love to hear your feedback about our site so don't hesitate to email one of us and give us your thoughts. Have fun surfing the rails!

Remember, our railcars are Red 'n Ready!